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The Christmas Card Outreach is opportunity for volunteers outside of prison send a personal Christmas card to a prisoner. Many prisoners don’t receive anything for Christmas, so a card from a stranger with a note inside means the world to them! To think that someone who doesn’t even know them would take time to send them a Christmas card is unbelievable. They get to see Jesus through that card, that’s why we tell volunteers to only use Christian cards. The goal of this outreach is for prisoners to be introduced to Jesus. The reason we send Christmas cards is to show them the love of Christ, the reason for the season.

Things to know before signing up or asking others to sign up:

  • PFPI will provide you with the names of the prisoners, their addresses, and the return address labels.

  • PFPI will also send you a prayer request form to put in each card with the code assigned to you at the bottom. If the prisoner sends the prayer request back and/or a note along with it, we will send it to you via the three letter code.

  • You will provide the Christian Christmas cards, postage, and envelopes.

  • Please pray before choosing to do this. Extensive measures are taken to ensure the volunteers safely so when you do write out something in the card, please sign your first name. It doesn’t make prisoners feel good when they get a card from “XXX” instead of “Tom and Joni.” If you are afraid to sign your name, this is not the outreach for you.

  • Another thing to consider is time. Time and thought need to be put in the cards.

  • Just sending a prisoner a blank card is not showing the love of Christ. Taking time to write scripture or a little note is.

Many people enjoy having Christmas card parties where a bunch of different people come and send Christmas cards all together. Churches and small groups will often do this. If you are planning a party, a Christmas card coordinator is needed. You can find out what a Christmas card coordinator is responsible for here: Christmas Card Coordinator Guidelines and Job Description. Also check out these guidelines for the volunteers who come to the party or anyone else who plans to send Christmas cards: Christmas Card Volunteer Guidelines.

If you feel God is calling you to this vital ministry, please fill out our Christmas Card Volunteer Application.





For questions or to sign up, please email us at

These prisoners are so blessed to get Christmas cards and you will be blessed as well. Please consider ministering to prisoners this Christmas season through sharing the reason we celebrate in a card.


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