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Jeffrey's letter gripped my heart. The covid lockdown makes prisoners feel more isolated than ever. Few prisons across the country have opened for any kind of programs and most allow no visitors.

Here are a few remarks from Jeffrey's letter, He surely speaks for thousands like him.

"I am just so confuses, mixed up and very lost again. I miss my church family! The praising, the singing, the fellowship but most of all, I miss MY family.! There! I said it.

He listed his mom and dad who are in heaven, his daughters who won't stay in touch and his grandchildren who don't know him.

"My family! My blood! Does not my life matter?"

Everyone at PFPI says, YES, Jeffrey, your life DOES matter. Never give up hope. Keep trusting the Lord as you said you do in your letter.

"If it wasn't for our awesome God, I would have gone nutso these past 20 years in prison."

"My only true and honest friend and Father I have at this time is my Awesome God and yes, He loves me. He has forgiven me of all my sins. He is always there when I am feeling down and weak."

"I'm so thankful for my letters you all send me and at such perfect timing too! Prayer For Prisoners, you are all so awesome. I thank you with all my heart for thinking of me, for caring and for being there for me. Knowing someone is thinking of me makes me smile. And it's an honest, happy and true smile. I love you all on the PFPI Outreach Team. Please continue to be there for me. You all make me feel like I'm not just a number."

God bless you all,


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