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by Jan McLaughlin, PFPI Co-Director

The ministry began in 1987 in a small Bible study at Colorado Women’s Correctional Facility. It was there that God impressed on my heart not only the need for individuals to pray for each woman in the study, but that every prisoner needs someone praying for him/her. From that small beginning, 19 ladies in the study and 12 volunteers willing to pray, we now have over 400 prayer volunteers and thousands of prisoners on the PFPI database.


The Freedom Walk newsletter is a vehicle for inmates to minister to each other. It consists of prisoner art, testimonies, poetry and short articles. These newsletters are published and distributed quarterly. Prisoners are delighted with an opportunity to have their work published and also to encourage fellow prisoners.


During worship services at prison facilities prisoners are informed of Prayer For Prisoners International and presented with the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. These services are much like church services with praise and worship music, a Gospel message and some time for prayer and fellowship. Chaplains are aware of the PFPI mission and make the prayer forms available in the chapels.


Some PFPI volunteers correspond with prisoners they are praying for. Guidelines are provided for safety and all mail is read before being forwarded to volunteers. PFPI is not a pen-pal club and we don’t offer study materials, books etc. The only thing we ask of our volunteers is that they pray for the prisoners assigned to them. The Holy Spirit may prompt them to get more involved, but it is never required.


If you feel God wants you to be  involved in the prison mission field, please look at the mission application and ask God how He would have you participate.


Richest blessings as you seek to serve Jesus in every area of your life.

Here is what some of our wonderful volunteers and former inmates are saying about Prayer For Prisoners International.

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